Our Restaurant List

Let us spoil you culinary with our alpine - mediterran dishes


Parma ham San Daniele with melon and Mozzarella - Bocconcini
€ 13,00
Mousse of cream cheese with Bresaola, corn salad, balsamico and truffled honey
€ 12,50
Fresh goat chesse, roasted with speck, marinated vegetables, cress and herbdressing
€ 12,50


Carrots – pampkin – ginger- Creamsoup with oil of pampkins and grissino
€ 7,50
Beef Bouillon with bacondumplings or Consommé célestine
€ 7,50

Warm appetizers:

Three dumplings with spinach - cheese - mushrooms, dandelion cream,
matured mountain cheese and fresh herbs
€ 13,00
Home made Ravioli, filled with fresh cheese, melted tomatoes, fresh basil,
and carpaccio from the artishoke
€ 13,00
Risotto Carnaroli with Italian asparagus, roasted quail breast and gardencress
€ 14,00

Meat and Fish ~ dishes

Tagliata from beef at rucola, with roasted tomatoes
potatoes rostí and parmesanslicer
€ 24,00
Escalopes viennese from calf with roast potatoes
and cranberry jam
€ 17,50
Filett of turbot, grilled, with Risotto Venere, roasted tomatoes,
and sauce of lemongrass
€ 22,00
Vegetarian Dish:
Home made spring roll´s wiht local vegetables
with roasted nuts, quail egg and sweet-sour Chilly-sauce
€ 16,50


Hotel Peter's home made Ice -Variation a la chef de cusine
€ 7,50
Ricotta-nougat-dumplings with plum roasters and icecream from hazelnuts
€ 8,00
Chocolate-Mousse with fresh forest fruits and mascarpone-sauce
€ 8,00
We prefer to use fresh products from our region, only in necessary cases our cooks will use frozen produts
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